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    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is the delivery of computing solutions-- web servers, storage space, data sources, networking, software program, analytics and more-- online (" the cloud"). Business supplying these...
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    Shared Hosting

    Shared webhosting denotes sharing of sources.

    In a single web server, your site is hosted along with some other internet sites therefore sharing resources.

    Shared webhosting great for beginners...
  3. Maximum Data Protection Against Threats & Intrusions with ESDS Security Services

    In today’s age, with cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise, business heads find it challenging to manage the security of user’s critical data and applications. There are also numerous instances...
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    ESDS Government Community Cloud

    With ESDS Government Community Cloud (GCC), the Government and PSU organizations get a seamless and secure implementation of their critical applications and critical data. The GCC is offered as a...
  5. Advanced Protection Against Online Threats with ESDS Managed Security Services.

    Business heads are finding it challenging to manage their critical data’s security due to the increased number of cyberattacks and breaches. Such attacks and breaches result in huge monetary and...
  6. Which industries use cloud computing?

    1. Automotive Market
    2. Entertainment Industry
    3. Retail Sector
    4. Healthcare
    5. Banking
    6. Production
    7. Financial Market
  7. reasons why to use cloud

    1. Data security.
    2. Regulatory compliance as well as information residency needs.
    3. Scalability and also versatility.
    4. Price effectiveness.
    5. Access to information anytime, anywhere.
  8. Advantages of cloud computing

    1. Much less Costs The solutions are devoid of capital expenditure. There are no big expenses of equipment in cloud computer. You just have to pay as you operate it as well as enjoy the design based...
  9. cross-site scripting

    Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks are a kind of injection, in which destructive manuscripts are infused into or else benign as well as relied on sites. XSS strikes occur when an attacker utilizes an...
  10. Server vs Host

    Host: This is a tool such as a computer system that links to a network.

    Host is a function supplied by a specific type of web server-- a web server. A host might run one web server that provides...
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    web server hacking

    A software application running on the server generates web content in real time.
    So hackers use DoS (DDos) attacks, SYN flood, ping flood, port scan, sniffer attacks, and social engineering attacks...
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    Purpose of VPN

    VPN enables its customers to discover the internet from different area web servers.

    VPN permits its customers to exceed the geo-restrictions and surf the net from any type of part of the globe...
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    server hosting

    Web server hosting is a facilities shipment version that gives IT individuals with remote accessibility to server sources (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.) in order to power applications as well as shop data...
  14. benefits of cloud computing

    Cost Efficiency

    Utilizing far off workers eliminates the requirement for in-house stockpiling hardware and application prerequisites, just as overhead expenses, for example, programming updates,...
  15. Features of colocation service

    Colocation offers space in the supplier's server farm for your IT equipment. These offices are regularly reviewed for unwavering quality and incorporate racks, cupboards and link plate for your...
  16. what is cloud computing?

    ‘Cloud Computing enables on-demand services like compute, storage, networking, etc which can be accessed through the internet and the user is not required to manage these resources’
  17. Get a Secure, Scalable and Personalized Video Conferencing Solution with eNlight Meet

    eNlight Meet offers a scalable, secure and fully encrypted video conferencing solution for allowing all non-disrupting communications to take place over audio and video mediums. eNlight Meet is a...
  18. Developing Future-Ready Smarter Cities with Advanced Technologies

    Smart Cities are also known as the cities of the Future. All the developed and upcoming smart cities in India today have various solutions that benefit its citizens in numerous ways. However, there...
  19. EnlightBot- AI-Enabled Specialist Chatbot Platform

    Chatbots have proven to reduce 80% of phone calls and emails previously managed by humans and carry out some of the core business functionalities without human interventions.

    ESDS' EnlightBot is a...
  20. Government Community Cloud- Fuelling Government of India’s Citizen-Centric Projects

    Landing URL:


    In today’s fast-paced life, various government organizations and bodies look to shed off their preset image of being...
  21. Ensure Seamless Business Operations with ESDS Managed Backup Solutions

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    ESDS offers you continuous, fast and most importantly, reliable Managed Backup solutions. With ESDS, backup your critical...
  22. Safeguard Your Critical Data From Cyber Attacks with ESDS Security Operations Center

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    The increased number of cyberattacks has caused enterprises to deploy a dedicated team of security professionals who have...
  23. ESDS eNlight IoT- Managed Cloud Platform for Connecting And Managing a IoT Devices

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    With ESDS eNlight IoT, change how your devices and belongings interact with each other. It is a managed Cloud-based platform allowing you...
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    IoT Gateway

    An Internet of Things (IoT) gateway is a device which serves as the connection point between IoT devices

    and the cloud. This gateway can be a hardware appliance or virtual.

    An IoT gateway works...
  25. Host Your Critical IT Assets With ESDS Managed Colocation

    Landing URL:

    With ESDS Managed Colocation, you get enterprise Colocation services giving you complete control of machines hosted in a world-class DC...
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