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  1. shared hosting from Simplehelix company is that a sound idea

    If the shared web hosting is suitable very well,you can try it,but I recommend you should look for more information of the web hosting provider.
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    serverpoint servers

    Thanks for sharing and its a nice offer.
    Servers are managed/unmanaged or are they charging for managing the servers?
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    Outsourcing Web Site Design

    Im a web developer to create a new coupon code site for my website. Can anyone show me where I can look for? Thanks a lot.
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    most popular hosting

    How do host a web?

    I was looking for some good web host because I was thinking of starting a website of mine and to monetize from it even a little.

    Then I just thought that hey, there are...
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    Website Development

    well what are you trying to audit... theres lots of different things you can measure against as far as the quality of a website but you need to be specific as to your needs, do you want a code...
  6. Does anyone recommend a FAX to Email service

    Is there any body who has The Sims game that could send it to me???
    Thanks a bunch.:D
  7. HTML and CSS Validation Should You Validate Your Web Page

    If I have time then I validate both the HTML & CSS but otherwise I just make sure it works in IE and Mozilla. Mozilla pretty much forces you to write half way deciet HTML & CSS. Usually my breaks are...
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