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    Default Os cms

    Dear all

    I would like a website with a CMS, preferably OS. Any suggestions on the best type?


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    Default OS CMS - not as easy as it sounds

    I think Open Source CMSs are a bit over sold. They aren't as easy as they are supposed to be. Often the modules need a programmer to get them going properly. That said, Plone rocks. It's used by NASA, and I can see why. Rock solid and easy to use. Remember though, you need a Plone host, which can work out a bit expensive.

    Eddie Kid

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    Can I use x64 Windows 2003 std/R2 std with Storage essentials and Oracle DB

    From quickspecs
    Windows CMS

    For dedicated OR shared management server:

    Windows 2003 SP1 (32 bit Ent Ed or Datacenter on x86/x64 platform); Widows 2003 SP2 (32 bit Ent Ed or Datacenter on x86/x64 platform); Windows 2003 R2 (32 bit Enterprise Edition or Server Edition on x86/x64 platform): Windows2003 R2 SP2 (32 bit Enterprise Edition or Server Edition on x86/x64 platform)
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    # * Affiliated Sites: A Cross Domain Approach covers using wildcard DNS, node_access, and Drupal trickery to create an affiliate model web network with shared content but restricted privileges.
    # * 'Enterprise' Drupal addresses some of the issues that come up when you try to integrate Drupal into an existing IT structure. It is not, however, an argument or a debate about whether Drupal is enterprise-ready. (Hint: it is.)
    # * Using Drupal With External Data Sources was actually the first session proposed. It's a handy trip through Drupal's built-in methods for using data stored in other systems. Very useful for enterprise installations.
    # Drupal SoC Showcase is just moral support (I think) for Aron Novak and the FeedAPI project that I mentored.
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