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Thread: Perfect Link Building?

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    Lightbulb Perfect Link Building?

    The process of building high quality linkage data that search engines will evaluate to trust your website is authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy.

    A few general link building tips:

    - Build conceptually unique link worthy high quality content.
    - Create viral marketing ideas that want to spread and make people talk about you.
    - Mix your anchor text.
    - Get deep links.
    - Try to build at least a few quality links before actively obtaining any low quality links.
    - Register your site in relevant high quality directories such as DMOZ, the Yahoo! Directory, and
    - When possible try to focus your efforts mainly on getting high quality editorial links.
    - Create link bait.
    - Try to get bloggers to mention you on their blogs.
    - It takes a while to catch up with the competition, but if you work at it long enough and hard enough eventually you can enjoy a self-reinforcing market position.

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    There are many things consider in perfect link building like
    Back-links from high PR sites
    Back-links form authority sites
    Back-links from relevant websites
    Get do follow back-link

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    That's very handy tips given. I appreciate it, will keep use of it.

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    Is this safe for google penguin?

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    You have to do a lot of things, as jaimehopkin told.
    But, most important is get links from HIGH PR sites/forums/blogs.
    And get DO FOLLOW links!

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    Thanks for sharing your informative post dear?

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    Hello, I would suggest these tips for best results in link building

    • Link Neighborhood
    • Social Sharing
    • Global Popularity
    • Local/Topic-Specific Popularity
    • Anchor Text
    • TrustRank

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