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Thread: Hosting services in US?

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    Default Hosting services in US?

    I have a blog that i need to host preferable in US because of the location of my audience.
    12GBs - Web Space
    110GBs - Traffic
    How is hosting services? any experience dealing with them?
    Will you point me a good host?

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    I would recommend you shift your searching to the VPS if that is possible.
    As for web hosting company recommendation I can send you to

    They just do right services for me and I'm really happy.

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    Default is trustworthy US web host. Since 2001 it has been providing reliable hosting services along with helpful 24/7 customer support.
    This decent host is offering 15% discount on all web hosting plans - simply use coupon code: 15PD when placing your order.

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    I don't have any experience using Dailyrazor. As far as I know Dailyrazor is good hosting. But based your requirements, you can take a look plan. I also host my site with them. Their supports is promptly.

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    I suggest you to have more reliable names to make a proper choice. My recommendation is hosting plans. You will get stable cheap plans provided by professional team.

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    Dailyrazor is a great low-cost provider. They have unbelievably good support.
    Not only is their uptime 99.9% they really have good back end team who are always ready to address my problems.
    Very stable hosting. Very good price.

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    Can say that web host is perfect. They have hosted several websites for me and I have no complaints. The pricing plan is good, and the control panel is nice as well. If you are looking for a top-notch host that will listen to the customer, GO WITH them.
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    Go through the marketing sections of various forums. From there you can see various Hosting Companies offers. It will help you to find and select a suitable plan with affordable price !

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