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Thread: Merchant Account in Europe?

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    Default Merchant Account in Europe?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a merchant account in Europe?


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    Default Why Europe?

    There are masses of providers in the US. With Internet banking, why does it have to be in Europe>

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    Default Hai..........

    its best place to choose US compare to Europe

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    What is different between merchant in US and in Europe?
    What are weakness from both?

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    Are you paying too much for credit card processing? Businesses based in Europe will be happy to know that accepting credit cards no longer has to cost you a small fortune. PayLane offers credit card processing solutions with a wide range of features at very reasonable prices. In addition, they have fraud protection in place to shield you from fraudulent transactions.

    Specializing in these types of businesses:

    * Internet
    * Retail
    * Mail order/phone order
    * Gaming
    * Travel
    * Inbound Telemarketing
    * Telecommunications
    * Entertainment
    * Content / Subscription
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    Yes, i hate with bank who want charge with big fees.
    And they not give good contribution for us. I glad with Europe who want apply this system.

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    Hi there,

    I am looking for the merchant account.But i don't know which one is better for my gambling site,which is considered the high risk business.So I tried to find the the high risk merchant account provider.I heard that Ctopay is a the suitable one.I have no idea.I just contact with the sales manager of...From the conversation with him,I find it good,and will cooperate with him.I have no idea about paypal or other processors.
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    Hi there,

    That is a really good question. managed forex account I know there are some, that do a large volume they process orders for other companies, so they are willing to take on a few high risk accounts because with invoice factoringtheir volume they can absorb the risk. You may want to look at companies like Digital River.

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    To accept payments online, companies need to set up a reliable internet merchant account. The internet merchant account or the credit card processing services should be secure so fraud prevention is also one of the major concerns for website owners who want to accept credit cards online. Therefore it is crucial for companies to find the best credit card processing services for online transactions.
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    When e-Commerce merchants are looking for a good merchant account to invest in they usually find that there are too many of them around. Googling �merchant account� will give you a great number of pages with hundreds of results. All the links will direct you to merchant account providers. How would you know which merchant account provider is good and which isn�t really. Some Ecommerce merchants would want to visit a TOP-10 merchant account company website, with a complete review on some account providers. This article isn�t really a Top-10 of among the providers, as it is very difficult to position them according to something; all accounts are different and specialize in varied types of accounts for certain businesses. This article will overview ten popular merchant account providers and guide you to correlate the significance of each account to you and your e-Commerce business. For additional and up-to-date information, please visit the providers� websites.

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