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Thread: How many links we can use in our content?

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    Default How many links we can use in our content?

    Can we use links in our content? How many links should we use in our content? If we use too many links in our web pages then can it be a problem in SEO results?

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    You can use just one or two links in your content and avoid from use of more links.

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    Yes, you can use just one link on your post because if you make more than one then Google think you are doing spamming.

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    Less then 4% mean less than 4 same keywords per 100 words is useful for good content.

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    Link is the best way to redirect the user to other information which they wants. Providing back-links in content is best presentation of content but we need to provide in relevant way "when they required". Try to provide low number of back-links in content. Depends on content length.

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    There are also SEO advantages and other benefits for attracting, connecting and engaging your new prospects and visitors. That means your mission is to create new and interesting content.
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    The minimum number of links you use in your content, the more better is your content optimization. More number of links share the page value and the original link doesn't make much to rank in search engines.
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    yes, you can add link in your content ,but not more than two links

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