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Thread: Which activities to rank better?

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    Default Which activities to rank better?

    Which activity is the most important for getting high ranking in search engine results? I am regularly using forum posting and social bookmarking, but my website is not getting high rankings. What should I do next to get better rankings for my website?

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    My personal experience proves that team of writers really help to increase traffic.
    Their pricing is a bit expensive, but you know it is worth the money you pay. Their forum posting, blog commenting services will help.

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    i suggest to follow this techniques for link better.
    1. Forum Posting
    2. Article Submission
    3. Directories Submission
    4. Press Release

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    All I can say is that writers are very professional and you will be pleased with the work they'll do for you. You can get better content and higher rankings, Content is king, remember!

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    found same question here

    check your meta keyword. high quality backlinks and good content will help you

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    Some methods to rank better are:
    1. Forum posting
    2. Original and quality content
    3. Social bookmarking
    4. Web directory
    5. PPC
    6. Blog posting

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    Quality content and quality back links will count for ranking nowadays after google Panda 4.0 update on May 21, 2014

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