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Thread: ClientExec Billing System

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    Default ClientExec Billing System

    Is ClientExec Billing System the most convenient one?
    Happy-hosting has offered it in their reselling, have you ever used it?

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    I personally don't care for client exec. As far as off the shelf host billing systems go, WHMCS is pretty good.

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    Quite convenient billing system is available from happy-hosting.
    This company has provided reseller services which are resourceful with in-house support.
    Perfect choice for those who want to be successful in reselling.

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    Overall happy-hosting has provided full-featured reseller services on Linux and Windows OSs which cost little and have supported around the clock.
    Many positive feedbacks I have read about them on WHT.

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    I have tried happy-hosting reselling and like the way they work.
    Their reselling is feature-rich and their in-house support work well and they are responsive.

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