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Thread: What is application software?

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    Default What is application software?

    What is application software?

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    A application software is set of programs designed to perform opetations for a specific application. Specific application software products are called software packages. there are two types of programs such as
    1. System Software
    2. Application software

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    Application software is a program or group of programs designed for end users.

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    Application software are often called 'productivity programs' or 'end-user programs' because they enable the user to complete tasks such as creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, and publications, do online research, send email, create graphics, run businesses, and even play games!

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    Complete, self-contained computer program that performs a specific useful task, other than system maintenance functions. Called 'Apps' for short, application programs are the most familiar forms of software and come in a very wide variety of types.

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    There are two type of software 1. System software 2. Application software.

    Application software is called end user software because it is depend on system software. Like as ms office,Tally, ERP. This application is design only for user.

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    Application software consists of programs designed to perform specific tasks for users. Application software can be used as a productivity/business tool; to assist with graphics and multimedia projects; to support home, personal, and educational activities; and to facilitate communications.

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    Application software is the type of Software, which is used to perform task to solve the real life problem of users and any business. Application software is designed for special purpose according to the work requirement. Application software can changes any time when company and business changes their policy. Some of best examples are : Staff management software, Salary management, Accounting software's. These all the Application software which is used to solve the problem of real life.

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    Application software is a group of programs designed for end users. software program that runs on your computer, Web browsers, e-mail programs, word processors, games, and utilities.

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    Application software is a set of one or more programs designed to carry out operations for a specific application.
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