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Thread: Problem with Samsuns SSD drive in windows 7

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    Default Problem with Samsuns SSD drive in windows 7

    I just bought an SSD drive (samsung 840 EVO SSD - 250GB).
    I installed it, and i installed windows 7 home 32-bit.
    Everything is ok, but when i after installation of samsung magician (it's a program that makes the drive even faster), i got this message :
    Magician cannot communicate with the bellow samsung SSD(s). Please check with other compatible storage drivers and try again.

    My drive is working ok, but i read that with magician software (and rapid mode), it can go even faster.
    Can anyone help?

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    I think you need to contact your technician for any hardware or software help.
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    Since you are doing a clean setup anyway, remove your old drive, setup the SSD only in the system on the lowest # SATA port, go into the BIOS and disable secure boot, enable Legacy boot options. Set drive mode to AHCI. Then boot the system off the Windows 7 media in a USB2 port (not 3), if you are using a USB stick and not a DVD, see if it sees the SSD then and will let you install Windows on it.

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