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Thread: difference between strong and b tag

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    Bold is used to style a word or a character while strong is used for giving emphasis on a word.

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    Additionally, <strong> conveys a significance - demonstrating to the quick determinedly - same time <b> (for bold) conveys a strategy - bolding the content. With strong, your code even now bodes well if you utilize CSS stylesheets should transform the thing that the routines from claiming settling on the quick solid may be. The same dives to those distinction between <i> Furthermore <em> ".

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    i Think, you should use strong tag for bold in web page.

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    Default <b> and <strong>

    In HTML <strong> and <b> both exist and have a different meaning.

    The <b> tag is for "offset text conventionally styled in bold". If you read deeper into the details you'll see it adds, "without conveying any extra emphasis or importance".

    <strong> is different. It "represents a span of text with strong importance. " There is semantic meaning of importance here. In fact, a <strong> tag within another <strong> tag has even more importance there is nested importance.

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    you should use strong tag for bold text.

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    Really an very good Thread Thanks for sharing

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