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Thread: MS Exchange V Open-Xchange

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    Default MS Exchange V Open-Xchange

    How does Open-Xchange compare against MS Exchange?

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    Default Open Source V MS

    Open Source is good, but I am always thinking that one day I am going to hit something someone hasn't tested. I stick to Microsoft. At least there is someone to complain to if things go wrong!

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    hmmm thats great then...
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    I will go with open source....

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    * Journal and notes do not seem to be supported. [Confirmed via manual. "The synchronization of locally stored journal and notes folders (to the server) is currently not supported." --AP]

    * Can't set sharing or permissions on calendars from Outlook 2003. The option to share calendar objects is greyed out in the Outlook context menu. [To share a calendar: 1. Create or move calendar into OX Public Folders. 2. Right-click calendar. 3. Select Properties. 4. Click Permissions tab. 5. Select users and assign privileges. Another alternative: You can actually just create a new calendar in Outlook and right click on it to see the properties. You should see a tab called ‘Share’ where you can assign rights. --AP]

    * There's a comment below regarding the ability to accept the same meeting proposal more than once from the Outlook client. It appears that this is repeatable.
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    F11 is out, running where it will, needing tweaked where it won't, and bug reports need to be filed where the later is the case.

    Remember folks, fedora is a bit of a cutting edge FOSS based distro, so system requirements may wellmanaged forex account include a sense of adventure and a willingness to fiddle and futz a bit to get things like you want them.

    Fedora is open source and a community developed distro. That means that although it's free as in both freedom of speech, and free beer, there is an implied moral obligation toinvoice factoring participate in the process by doing the things which are required to make the next release ever better than the last. And that means participation. And that means filing those bug reports.

    So, ladies and gentlemen ... have fun, and lend a hand! That's what it's all about.

    Thank you for your patience and your continued support of both fedora and the fedora forum.

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    Open-Xchange will be providing hosted e-mail and collaboration for 1&1 customers first in Germany and then later in other countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Customers will be able to purchase the new services as a stand-alone offering or as an add-on to an existing hosting agreement.

    The move to Open-Xchange's platform is not expected to involve any migration hardships for 1&1.

    "1&1 has a home-grown Web mail infrastructure that they will continue to use," Sterne said. "No migration is required because Open-Xchange sits on top of the existing Web mail infrastructure and simply adds functionality in terms of shared, secure e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and Infostore, which includes document sharing/versioning/locking, knowledge entries and bookmarks."
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    Default MS Exchange V Open Xchange

    Wie läßt sich der installierte MySQL Server auf dem Open Xchange-Server 5.0 aktivieren?
    Wird dieser Dienst dann auch in der Web-Oberfläche angezeigt?

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    Microsoft Exchange partnered with Microsoft Outlook creates a powerful E-mail and Shared information environment. Users today expect to be able to access shared resources such as internal address books and mailing lists, calendars which allow schedules / appointment information to be shared plus shared contact lists to allow easy management...
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    * Global contact database is not accessible from any place except the Contacts section of Outlook. When sending mail, assigning tasks, opening shared calendars, etc, it seems that the only available list of contacts is the local contacts database. As of 11/10/2006, Adam is checking to see if this is a configuration issue. [Client configuration issue. To see global addressbook for mail and calendar: 1. Open Contacts pane. 2. Right-click OX Global Addressbook. Select Properties. 3. Select Outlook Address Book tab. 4. Check "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book." --AP]
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