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Thread: Broken Links?

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    Default Broken Links?

    Recently i got notice from Google Webmaster about Broken links how i can solve it as my self can you explain with me and also share with me i can avoid next time?

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    Broken links are really harmful for your website. You can check your broken links using Google disavow tool. You can either contact the webmasters to get the links restored or you can do a negative SEO on the links to get them removed from search engines.
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    A broken link may be a link that does not work, usually leading to miscalculation page. A broken link happens once the link points to an online page that has been deleted or rapt.

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    A broken link is a link that doesn't work, often resulting in an error page. A broken link happens when the link points to a web page that has been deleted or moved.

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    You can use this online utility to find the broken links

    Inappropriate links can reduce your page rank on the web

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    Broken links can cause serious problems for your website's SEO.Broken links can hurt from an SEO perspective because the search engines take the usability of a website into account.

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    Broken link or dead link is the 404 error which is bad for the site.

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    Broken links are links that lead to pages that do not exist. When clicking on a broken link, the page you land on is called a 404 error page, a standard HTTP response that indicates that the requested URL does’ not exist.

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