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Thread: Transferring site to another host

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    Default Transferring site to another host

    Since there is a necessity for site to be transferred I am wondering if the promotion which (being certainly suitable) is holding now, when there are no fees for transferring ppresented, can be the enough reason to prefer the certain host?

    Thank you.

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    I suggest you not to be so confident in choosing them as the hosting market is so competitive and there are many options available in the net.
    Check website hosting solutions. they are helpful with transferring files to them.

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    You may transfer all your files to with no hesitations because this company has provided stable services on favorable conditions.
    Their tech staff fix issues in no time if they occur and their uptime is high.

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    Aspnix, as you know by yourself - is the stable company and their transferring options are really attractive, so go ahead.

    For the good compatible alternative I may suggest using, which is the provider of the real stability and reason.

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    NO doubt, will be perfect solution to run your web sites at.
    Prodeveloper Yearly only $279 ($120 off - save 30% with this coupon: PXMAS2010 - till 31st December 2010)

    Designer Yearly only $159 ($40 off - save 20% with this coupon: DXMAS2010 - till 31st December 2010)

    Flex Yearly only $100 ($19 off - save over 15% with this coupon: FXMAS2010 - till 31st December 2010)

    Netstarter Yearly only $50 ($9 off - save over 15% with this coupon: NXMAS2010 - till 31st December 2010)

    Hope this discounts will pass on the savings for you. Hurry up!

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    While your new web hosting account gets ready, it is better that you take a backup of all your web files that are stored on the old hosting provider. If possible, try to store at least 2 copies. This will enable you to save one as an archive as you work with another. You will also need to be very cautious while making a copy of these files.

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    You can use your temporary login information so as to upload all your web files to the new host, even before you actually change your domain name. You can even set up all the email accounts that you will be using on your domain. To be sure that you don’t miss out any email address, you can create a "catchall" address.

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    Step #1. Purchase a new web host.
    Step #2. Back up your sites to the new web host.
    Step #3. Final Check Before Making the Move.
    Step #4. Switch Website DNS Records.
    Step #5. Wait for the DNS change to propagate.

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