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Thread: Bad sectors on my hdd, help

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    Default Bad sectors on my hdd, help

    I have an old hdd of 250GB.
    It has some problems, bad sectors.
    I want to isolate, mark all the bad sectors and use the rest of it.
    Is there any Programm that can do the job ????
    I have tried, all! I tried checkdsk, but when it comes to a specified point (while scanning files), it freezes!
    I also tried with hdd regenerator, in windows and with cd boot. The same results....
    It freezes at some point....
    Can i format it with some specific good program and ISOLATE the bad sectors ?

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    In general you can't. Once a sector is bad, it stays bad. What a disk utility usually means when it says it's “repairing” a bad sector is that it's trying its best to read whatever data might be there and reconstruct it elsewhere, on a different “good” sector. Sometimes this is possible with a lot of re-reads of the bad sector, but often the data is unrecoverable.

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    1. Run Partition Expert, Click on the partition contains bad sectors and click Resize / Move Volume . What's tedious is that, they located in the middle of one partition, so we have to divide the partition into two partitions, use Resize/Move Volume twice to isolate bad sectors.

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