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Thread: How will you promote the products ?

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    Default How will you promote the products ?

    If you want promote on your website and products follow same tips.

    1. Submit Your Website to Search Engines
    2. Make Your Website Easy to Use
    3. Implement Google Analytics
    4. Add Your Business to Google+ Local
    5. Create Social Network Business Profiles
    6. Launch an Online Marketing Campaign
    7. Get Listed in Local Directories and Local Listings
    8. Add Social-sharing Buttons
    9. Implement Webmaster Tools
    10. Launch a Blog,,

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    Great information you have posted. Its really important for us.

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    The best way to advertise my services for now was to promote on forums and social media. It all depends on the type of your product. You need to figure out and research where is your target audience - is it Facebook, is it Twitter, is it forums...? Figure out and promote there.
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