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Thread: What is link auditing in SEO?

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    Default What is link auditing in SEO?

    What is link auditing in SEO?

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    Hi friends,
    It is basically an approach that simply let users to cross verify the links created are working effectively or not. Link auditing is done after a specific time period. Based on the results offered by it, the links can be removed, added or modified to get the favorable results.

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    The worst time to conduct a link audit is when you need to. Don't wait for a Penguin update to wipe out your rankings in the SERPs or an “unnatural links” warning to hit your inbox. The best time to perform a link audit is now. A comprehensive link audit is the first step in developing any digital marketing plan.
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    An SEO link audit is an in-depth analysis that allows us to emphasise on a certain aspect of link building, and it helps us detect problems or opportunities in terms of backlinks. For instance, the link anchor text distribution is an aspect of a link audit.

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