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Thread: Network Security Services

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    Default Network Security Services

    Network Security Services are designed to help protect the resources of your business .Network security services provides you with the tools to prevent, detect and respond to threats.

    Network Security solutions utilizes unparalleled visibility, responsive analytics, security expertise and strategic alliances to help safeguard organizations from potential threats.
    The network security model is a model that determines how the information is sent securely over a communication line.
    The components of the network security model are:
    Sender who sends the information
    Receiver who receives the information
    Communication line the line in which the communication is sent over
    Encryption / Decryption to encrypt and decrypt the communication over the information channel
    Trusted Third Party who distributes the secrete key and information between the two parties to be able to communicate securely
    The tasks that network security model performs is to be able to have the two parties communicate with each other without any other parties being able to read and understand the information being sent. To do this, the model needs to:
    Have a suitable algorithm to encrypt the messages (Secure Socket Layer SSL)
    Generate a secrete key to be used by the algorithm (SSL Provider)
    Develop methods to distribute and share the secrete key (SSL Provider)
    Specify a protocol to be able to transmit the information (https)

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    Previously, computing, organize security benefits (NSS) comprises An set for libraries outlined with help cross-platform improvemen of security-enabled customer What's more server requisitions with nonobligatory help for equipment TLS/SSL acceleration on the server side Furthermore equipment advanced mobile cards on the customer side.

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    Network security help to protect your computer from viruses.

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