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    Content marketing is an important part of website optimization. Sharing your content in various submission websites and also in Web2.0 blogs help to optimize keywords and build ranking higher in search engines. They also help to generate good traffic from various external sources.
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    Content marketing is the one technique in Online business which is used for multipurpose goals, for SEO, website Optimization, generate more traffic, website awareness, product advertisement etc. Now a day, Content marketing is the important aspect for marketers.

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    Why is content marketing so important, and why should it form a key part of any brands strategy in 2016?

    Consumers today are bombarded with more adverts and messages than ever before, so the impact of more traditional channels is somewhat diluted. Content marketing has the capacity to resonate more powerfully with your customers because it’s carefully tailored to their needs and interests. It’s a way of conveying your brand’s personality and offering without being overtly promotional, which can go a long way toward building brand trust amongst your audience. More and more brands are recognising the impact of content marketing, so those who choose to ignore it will increasingly fall behind. You can check more in here Newest 2016

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    To be honest i also don't know much but i think its mean about the quality of the content.

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    Content is king search engine optimization or digital marketing world where customers will get attracted towards it and business profits will increase based on the quality of the content. If you make finest, clean, simple and user friendly content with a good web design, I think customer will stay on your website and shows more interest to buy your products or hire your services. So with this demand in mind, now a days small, medium and large business owners are expecting to advertise or promote their content in particular ways.

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