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Thread: Penguin 4.0 update

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    Default Penguin 4.0 update

    How we recover google ranking after penguin 4.0 update?

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    Important points about the Real Time Penguin
    The Google Penguin positive or negative signal is now recalculated on crawl. Link Detox Boost is therefore the perfect tool also to "test & try" links effects and not only make the disavow work.
    Google Penguin now not only affects the whole site (or not). It has its impact on all levels like domain, folders, pages and probably also keywords and keyword groups. So anything that goes into the organic rankings will now be affected by the Penguin algorithm on a fine level.
    Because of 2. it will be harder to diagnose "small Penguin penalties" in many cases.
    Since Google Penguin will be more granular, it can mean that an aggressively SEOed part of a website trips the Penguin filter, while other parts are ranking fine. This will makes doing a competitive research using Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX) for every main topic a site covers more important to understand different risk level standards.
    Because of 4 the "Subfolder Analysis" Feature of Link Detox (launched 2014) will become one of the most popular features to diagnose and fix Penguin bases ranking issues (in conjunction with Link Detox Boost).
    The "Filter Slice Feature" that Link Detox and LRT have for years will be very helpful to analyze the risk per groups of keywords, groups of source domains, countries, types of links and many more.
    What we can expect from Google Penguin 4.0
    Following Google Penguin since its first launch in April 2012 we’ve analyzed and recovered hundreds and thousands of website
    and put together a lot of material, experience, and historical data that trains our Link Detox Genesis algorithms.

    Get notified about our Real Time Penguin research
    What the “real-time” aspect of Google Penguin 4.0 means for you and your business
    How link penalties will work in the future
    A look back in history of Google Penguin Updates – we’ve followed every detail since April 2012
    What new risks and threats to your business the Google Penguin 4.0 update brings
    What new opportunities the Google Penguin 4.0 update brings
    How you can best handle the new “fast” Google Penguin update
    How great content marketing can help you in the Penguin 4.0 era
    How the “Big Plan of Google” finally comes together in 2016 with Penguin 4.0

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    Penguin 4.0 is the real time update for Google. With this change, Penguin's data is refreshed in real time, so changes will be visible much faster, typically taking effect shortly after we recrawl and reindex a page. It also means we're not going to comment on future refreshes.
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    So is there a way to know that we've been slapped with penalty? Legit business owners are just trying to rank their business site to the best of their ability.

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