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Thread: Use keyword in domain name

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    Default Use keyword in domain name

    Can i use keyword in my domain name? will it affect my SEO ranking?

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    Default Use keyword in domain name

    When starting a new website, one of the first and most important choices you have for making is choosing a site name. That choice will effect the website’s success in nearly every area, involved seo (SEO) and social internet marketing (SMM). Let’s analyze how a site name effects SEO and SMM and then evaluate the standards that create a good sector address.

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    Keywords in domain name is the best that you can have for your business. It helps Google and browsers to know about your website content and also helps to remember your website easily.
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    Keyword in the domain name is SEO friendly will help to rank the website faster and also need to avoid long tail keywords that can affect on ranking in search results.

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    Meaning of Domain :
    Domain names are the unique, human-readable Internet addresses of websites. They are made up of three parts: a top-level domain (sometimes called an extension or domain suffix), a domain name (or IP address), and an optional subdomain.
    Top-level domain:
    Top-level domain (TLD) is the formal term for the suffix that appears at the end of a domain name. Some example of top-level domains include:


    While we're probably all familiar with the TLDs above, there are actually over 1,000 possible TLDs from which webmasters can choose. This includes things like .book, .clothing, .dog, and .lifeinsurance (to name a few), as well as TLDs associated with specific countries or territories like .uk (United Kingdom) or .dk (Denmark). These country- (and sometimes region-)specific TLDs are known as country code top-level domains, or ccTLDs.

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    In my view you can Use keyword in domain name
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