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Thread: How to secure web Host..?

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    Keep a strong password.
    Always use ssl.
    Keep your pc malware free.

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    Default Secure web Host.

    -Pay attention to the location of your web host's datacenters give preference to the areas that are not exposed to natural disasters.
    -Ensure that your host has a back up plan. Could be daily or weekly back up --- RELIABLE & TRUSTED HOSTING SINCE 1999
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    If you use a content management system (CMS) or another application to power your website(s), you have to stay on top of the latest updates and patches to the software.

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    Default How to secure web Host..?

    Hello Friends,

    I have no idea about it please suggest me..

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    Smile Web Host

    Whether you have a personal site that you use simply to blog on occasion or a global, large scale business, security is of utmost importance, the key choices when creating an online presence for your organisation is choosing a hosting provider.

    Domainz Guru is one of the reliable hosting provider.

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    Securing your web hosting is vital. It need to be highly secured and maintained and for this you need to have following things:
    1. Use Firewall
    2. Installation of Anti-virus software
    3. Keeping c Panel Up to date
    4. Keeping Backups

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    Default how to secure your hosting?

    SFTP - If you have ever uploaded files to your hosting account you are likely familiar with FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You use an FTP client to drag your files to where you want them uploaded and they will be published to your account. SFTP is the same concept but it is more secure. SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol and it provides an additional layer of protection. FTP, while fairly secure, is still vulnerable. Files can be intercepted and even modified with little to no indication. SFTP closes this vulnerability. Check to make sure this option is available to you via your web host.

    SSL - SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL provides an encrypted path between the browser and web server. You can tell if an SSL certificate is being utilized with the indication of a locked padlock symbol on the address bar along with the use of https:// in the address as opposed to http://. If you run an Ecommerce site an SSL certificate is a necessity. It will help prevent customer information from being stolen. Credit card or banking numbers, name, address and other personal information will remain secure. Whenever you need to gather personal, sensitive information an SSL certificate is a must.

    Backups - Backups should be performed regularly in order to protect your site in case of a problem or disaster. Most hosts provide a tool in the control panel that allows you to back up your own site. This should be done and you should not rely on your host to do so. However, a host that has sound back up procedures is a plus. Check to see how often the host backs up their servers, what method they use and where backups are stored.

    Server maintenance - The web host should make sure the server is adequately maintained to ensure attacks are limited. Check to see if the host has a published security protocol which is a good (though not guaranteed) indication that they are on top of upgrades and patches.

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