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Thread: Offshore vps in Russia is required

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    Default Offshore vps in Russia is required

    When it turns to the search of Russia based VPS with English speaking support for offshore VPS what do you chose?
    I have found and was wondering if you know them and can recommend to use?

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    Default is trustworthy offshore web host.

    Their tech support is very professional. They replied in 3 minutes after my request and solved all the troubles I was experiencing explaining me everything regarding my own mistakes.
    I like their service, it is quite cheap. Speed connectivity is really fast, so my visitors are happy.
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    Now everything works like a clock and I am happy running my site at servers. Recommend this host to others.
    According to my experience, this hosting provider has been rock solid from the beginning.

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    Their prices are low, and their customer service is amazing.
    Seriously, i've tried many companies and so far, this has been the BEST!
    I can give DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

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    Excellent pricing and plans! you get plenty options, plenty of space and usage and at a great value.

    Top notch support, affordable pricing, and I haven't seen a bit of downtime. Your sites will be in trusted hands if you choose services.

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    I'd say is the best option to get offshore VPS hosting solutions. Services are affordable and servers work perfectly. Support is skilled and responsive.
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