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Thread: How to set up google analytics?

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    Default How to set up google analytics?

    How to set up google analytics?

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    Set up a Google Analytics Account
    Log in to Google Analytics
    Give your account a name
    Name the website you will be tracking
    Put in the URL
    Choose a category
    Choose what data are you willing to share with Google
    Agree to their terms of service
    Go to the page where you get your website tracking code
    Add this tracking code to your website

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    You have to login into Google analytics accounts to setup goals.

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    Default Google Analytics Setup

    The first step to setting up tracking for a website is to create an Analytics property. Create one Analytics property for each website you want to track.

    Creating an Analytics property generates a tracking ID and a JavaScript tracking code snippet. The next step to set up tracking for a website is to do one of the following:

    Add the entire tracking code snippet to each web page you want to track. Add the tracking code snippet just before the closing </head>tag on each page.

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    You first need to register and generate the code in Google analytics. Inserting the code into the webpage source helps Google to track the website traffic and provide various information about the traffic behavior in the analytics tool. It also provides information about the bounce rate of your website.
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