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Thread: Black Hats SEO factors need to avoid!

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    Default Black Hats SEO factors need to avoid!

    Following are some tips that can save you from being penalized as well as earn you the high ratings at the SERP you always wanted:

    1. Avoid misguiding the visitors at your website:

    When people use the search engine for a particular query they like to click on the search results which match with their need for search. You cannot pull in traffic to your website by misguiding the searchers. If your product is a baby product your meta tag must have keywords describing your product and not the names of famous celebrities. The best thing you can do is use quality and authentic content which has all the necessary information about your product in such a manner that the visitor is tempted to click on the buy icon. This will also help you see an increase in the ratings.

    2. Avoid stuffing your content with keywords:

    Spamming has been facing a huge blow from the search engine giants. Avoid using your keywords more than 3-4 times in your whole content and also do not use the keywords to hide them in tags. This angers the search engines and this act can lead to penalization by the search engines. Make it a point to review your website before submitting to the search engines for the number of times the keywords has been used throughout your content to avoid being penalized.

    3. Plagiarized content- a big no-no:

    The Panda update was developed to trap the users of plagiarized content users. So website owners, beware if you have a large amount of duplicate content which can be in the form of domains and sub-domains and multiple pages then get rid of them immediately as such texts are an open summons to the search engines to penalize you.

    4. Avoid dumping the search engines:

    Search engines are smarter than you think and hence you're sneaking around doing the wrong things can be immediately detected and caught. So avoid

    Conniving redirects

    Hidden texts as well as links


    Developing a large number of doorway pages can create suspicion on your motives hence avoid doing so and also when submitting your website to the search engines avoid submitting a large number of pages at once.

    SEO is not an overnight thing and neither are the high rankings at the SERP. Here, patience as well as following the right path is a virtue to behold

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    you have to avoid low quality content & links for website promotion because of Black hat SEO.

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    Black hat seo techniques help to rank your keywords faster in search engines and generates more traffic in shorter time. But the methods followed are not supported by Google and hence your website can get penalized for following such techniques.
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