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Thread: What is Crawling in SEO?

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    A web crawler also known as a web spider or web robot is a program which browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner.This process is called web crawling or spidering. Many sites, in particular search engines, use spidering as a means of providing up-to-date data. Web crawlers are mainly used to create a copy of all the visited pages for later processing by a search engine that will index the downloaded pages to provide fast searches.

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    Crawling is the process performed by search engine crawlers in order to index the website. Mainly the crawlers find the new and updated web pages and perform the crawling.

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    Default What is Crawling in SEO?

    Crawling basically means following a path. In the SEO world, crawling means following your links and “crawling” around your website. When bots come to your website (any page), they follow other linked pages also on your website.

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    Default Crawling in SEO:

    Crawling is a programs that search engines use to scan and analyze websites in order to determine their importance then rank the results of internet searches for certain keywords.

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    Crawling is the process performed by search engine crawler, when searching for relevant websites on the index.

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