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Thread: hi guys

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    Default hi guys

    DirectAdmin panel was pretty ease of use as well surprisingly. But as mentioned, I

    wanted to head back to cPanel as well, both sites I had were split between the

    panels, due to certain circumstances and wanted them combined again. So is

    Cpanel the best web hosting control panel out in the market?


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    Default Cpanel

    Yes Infact no company is as good as Cpanel...honestly I am not ever found some company those are as good as them....
    India Hosting

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    I think that depends on the web hosting company you are deal with.
    I have account with and they use Cpanel. The latest one. That is very comfortable panel for me. I'm sure all good web hosts offer this panel.

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    Nice to meet you .I joined this forum due to its good categories and for sharing my knowledge and skills .I am happy to join

    here .Hope you will also enjoy from your stay here .

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