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Thread: Bookmarking and Directory still working?

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    Default Bookmarking and Directory still working?

    Does bookmarking and directory still work in SEO to get the result?
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    Directory submission is no more helpful as Google considers these websites are thin sites with very less content. Hence these websites are rarely crawled and indexed today.
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    Default Bookmarking and Directory still working?

    Bookmarking still working but directory not.

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    Default Directory still working

    directories are the large database, that holds a huge number of websites segregated based on their categories and sub-categories.Finally, Directory Submissions is not non-spammy technique when itís done safely. So, start off with the submissions and gain some authentic and do follow links for your website
    Social Bookmarking Site is another great way of promote your website. Submit your latest blog posts and pages to the most popular bookmarking sites, like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc. Search engines really like these types of sites because the content on these sites is updated very frequently.

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    Social bookmarking is still considered as one of the most effective backlinks gaining technique. Many of the web masters follow the technique for promotion of their site.

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    Directory submission does work, provided you do submissions on high quality directories.

    Work only on those directories which have high authority..

    Social Bookmarking also works in improving the authority of your website. Some of the popular Social Bookmarking Sites are Digg, Diggo, StumbleUpon, Scoopit, reddit. Content is updated on a daily basis on these websites

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