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Thread: European dedicated server hosting?

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    Default European dedicated server hosting?

    I am looking for good place where I can get European dedicated server hosting:
    1TB of HD, 24 GB of RAM + 12 TB of bandwidth.

    After having done a search, look to be a nice place for that.
    I'd like to ask some experts to help in order to choose the provider.
    Do you know anything about them?
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    These guys tolerate my things and some times I think I am asking so many things though paying very few bucks.
    In my web hosting with - I also learned that the hosting panel which they use is very good one and they have learned it well to make users understand pros and cons of things which we have to do every day.

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    I can highly recommend hosting service. Great support. Never had to wait more than 90 minutes for help.
    Their uptime is great. Not many features or add-ons for web site (no SQL, at least on my plan, for example). Mail system is superb, with spam controls, webmail and mailing list management about as good as one could want.
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    I am very pleased with managed dedicated hosting services.
    In dealing with a provider, I also have to keep in mind my customers, because I own a computer shop and I am often asked who I would recommend. Therefore, the company I use had better be good because I recommend them to my valuable customers.

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    You can trust - Use coupon code "atomserver30" and receive 30% off the price on dedicated servers.

    My business has grown as a direct result of the service and support they offer.
    Have had no issues. My sites where all transferred free and everything went smooth.

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    EuroDNS is a domain name registrar and DNS service provider. Free DNS, SSL certificate, and mailbox are included with all domain names.

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    You can certainly get such setup in European countries. Check out plans of

    You can have the latest server with:
    Intel Xeon E3-1245 v6 (4c/8t, 3.7 GHz)
    32 GB RAM
    2 x 2 TB HDD (With SoftRaid) Disk
    Price: Just $75 USD / Month

    They have much more plans at very reasonable cost (Plans:

    They never compromised with hardware and services. When it comes to Technical Support, is one of the best providers around the globe.
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