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    Default Latest Google Update

    What is the Google latest Update?

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    On March 3rd, the Rank Risk Index began recording increased rank fluctuations on both desktop and mobile. While the uptick in rank fluctuations was initially moderate, the index caught an unusual and highly significant upsurge on March 9th. According to the index, fluctuations reached a level of 99 (out of 100) on desktop and 92 on mobile. Over the following days the fluctuations, though still high, tapered off to an extent.

    On March 12th, Search Engine Land reported that Google, uncharacteristically, confirmed the update as being related to its core algorithm.

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    there are no any latest update of Google.

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    Google has confirmed that they ran a “broad core algorithm update” last week that has impacted the appearance and rankings of some websites in the search results.

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    There is no major Google update in SEO marketing.

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