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Thread: Scheduled disable/enable Network adaptors?

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    Default Scheduled disable/enable Network adaptors?

    Basically i want to schedule a disable command on a network at a given time and enable another after that.

    Is it possible to do so ??

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    (Assuming you are running Windows): Create two scripts (.BAT/.CMD file), with the following contents:

    <Disable script>


    netsh interface set interface “Local Area Connection” DISABLED

    <Disable script>


    netsh interface set interface “Local Area Connection” ENABLED

    Rename "Local Area Connection" to match the interface you want to manage

    Put these scripts in Task Scheduler

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    Step 1: Determine Your NIC Name. Go to a command prompt and type the following command.
    Step 2: Create Tasks To Enable and Disable The NIC.
    Step 3: Task - General Settings.
    Step 4: Task - Action - Create.
    Step 5: Task - Action - Review.
    Step 6: Task - Scheduler.
    Step 7: Task - Test.

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