essay plagiarism check | do my homework fast | best site to buy research papers | gabriel garcia marquez essays | chaucer essay Which is better Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?
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Thread: Which is better Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?

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    Default Which is better Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?

    Which is better Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?

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    Default Robots.txt is better than Meta robots Tag.

    Robots.txt is better than Meta robots Tag..! But if your website have less than 100 pages then you can you Meta robots Tag on every page. If you have CMS website and your website have more than 100 page in this case robots.txt very useful to manage page.

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    Robots.txt is better compared to meta robots tag. Robots.txt is a text file that lists webpages which contain instructions for search engines robots. The file lists webpages that are allowed and disallowed from search engine crawling.
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    Meta robots is far much better than robots.txt because in website or page setting you can select if you want to add any meta robot in the header section of this page, while for editing robots.txt you have to open your web hosting account and editing robots.txt is more time consuming and have chances of errors, so it is best idea to use robots meta tag instead of robots.txt in website.

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