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    Hello friends,

    How To Get Top Position In Seo ?

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    Number 1 Ranking In Google + Bing + Yahoo. Basic good practice on page SEO guidelines. Sprinkle a few high-quality anchor text savvy links at the site while avoiding like the plague any “get links fast” schemes.

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    First of all do a proper On-Page Site Audit of your site and get all the issues and error resolved.

    Do proper On-Page SEo and optimize those pages. Check whether the primary keyword is present in

    1. MEta Title

    2, Meta Description

    3. Meta Keywords - Although this is not given that much of importance these days.

    4. Presence of Keyword in URL, H1.

    5. Optimizing images: The images have to be optimized. If the image is heavy in size like 1 MB or so then it will affect the page load time. Get these issues solved.

    6. See whether your site is indexed properly.

    7. Do guest Blogging on high quality sites using the right anchor text

    Even if you do all of this properly that doesn't mean that you will rank on the number 1 position but this will certainly increase your chances of ranking in the Top position

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    Create a fast responsive website and add quality content in it. Also add multimedia in articles and make the articles long. Then start off page search engine optimization, submit your website links through guest posting, classifieds websites, directory submissions, link exchange with similar websites, and share your articles on social networks like facebook, twitter, google+ and pinterest. By applying on page seo and off page seo techniques you can rank your website in top search engine positions.

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