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Thread: Which Is More Important Bounce Rate Or Exit Rate?

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    Default Which Is More Important Bounce Rate Or Exit Rate?

    Hello friends,

    Which Is More Important Bounce Rate Or Exit Rate?

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    Both the metrics are important depending on your purpose.

    While a high bounce rate usually signals problems with user satisfaction whether it be in context of content, site quality, loading speed, etc. a high exit rate usually signals problems in your conversion funnel. Therefore, you should choose the metric you optimize for based on the problem area you are trying to tackle.

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    Both bounce rates and exit rates are very important numbers and tell you very different useful information about your site. A bounce rate is an extremely important metric to measure how well a landing page on your site does.

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    Both are equally important and are useful to build your website popularity in search engines.
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    Maybe you're getting a lot of StumbleUpon traffic which, by its very nature, has a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is important but always make sure you look beyond the actual number. Exit rate is the percentage of people who left your site from that page. Exits may have viewed more than one page in a session

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    Both the matrices are important. If the bounce rate is high it will trigger messages to the search engine that the visitor is not satisfied with the page content or product and services if the bounce rate is low it is good and builds trust in the eyes of search engine. High exit rate means your landing page layout and readability has issues that is the reason it has low conversions rate. You can improve it to improve conversion rate.

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