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Thread: What are the different types of Ethical SEO?

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    Ethical SEO is actually White Hat SEO which follows the guidelines of search engine.
    There are 3 types of ethical SEO
    1. Ethical SEO provides the standards and search engine functionality to provide the optimization for the websites.
    2. Ethical SEO provides positioning of the results that is longer lasting and provide frequent changes made in the algorithms.
    3. This provides a way to optimize the search sites by making it appear on the search engine and promote it using the best techniques.

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    There are mainly two types of SEO techniques one is called ethical seo while the other is known as unethical seo, unethical seo is also known as black hat seo. Google and all major search engine forbids to use black hat seo techniques which are unethical and webmasters shall only use the ethical seo techniques to rank their website, If you do white hat seo or ethical seo of your website then results will be long lasting and you can sustain your search engine positions for long time.

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    The two different types of ethical SEO techniques are:

    - On page
    - Off page
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