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    Hello friends,

    I want to know that What are link exchanges?

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    Link exchanges are quid-pro-quo arrangements between websites to cross-link to each others' materials with the purpose of mutually increasing search engine rankings. Link exchanges can be cause for penalty and are discouraged for eCommerce merchants hoping to boost their SEO traffic.

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    Link exchange is the process of backlink exchange between two or more mutual websites. They help to build links for your website but the process is not preferred by Google as they are considered as link trades between websites.
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    Link Exchange is a technique of exchanging the url between two websites

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    Link exchanges are not good. They mainly provide backlinks. But Google can eventually/usually tell valuable/relevant links and ones that come from link exchanges. It is then usually counted against your page/ site.

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    In off page seo we have to build backlinks to increase the visibility and brand awareness of our company. To get backlinks webmsters adapt several techniques, among these technique one technique is link exchange. Through link exchange we exchange link with other website, we give one backlink and get 1 backlink in return. In this way we can increase backlinks of our website and can improve search engine rankings.

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