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Thread: How does Google see backlinks from guest posts?

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    Default How does Google see backlinks from guest posts?

    Hello friends,

    How does Google see backlinks from guest posts?

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    The benefits from guest posts are two. First, you get free exposure in front of a new audience and second, you get a backlink or two to your site. If you post on a really popular blog, you can get substantial amounts of direct traffic to your site and in the ideal case, when your product is of interest to the visitors from the other blog, you can make sales.
    The second advantage ‐ the backlink ‐ is the main reason why guest posters submit content for free to other blogs. If the site is a high ranking one and it is in your niche, then this backlink is especially valuable.

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    Backlinks from guest posts are treated as high quality links and they are helpful to rank your keywords higher in search engines.
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    If you’re like most people in SEO, you’re confused about Google’s updated Webmaster Guidelines. They say “large-scale guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links” are now a no-no. But what does that mean in real life? This video will show you how you can still take advantage of guest posting without having to worry about violating their Webmaster Guidelines. You’ll learn how to find appropriate guest post targets and how to include your links without setting off alarms at Google.

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    If the content quality is good, and website in which you are submitting guest posting does not have any duplicate content, then the guest post link is considered good, but if the content on that website is not unique and has lot of spammy backlinks, then the guest post is will not be much useful.

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