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Thread: What are drawbacks of using React JS?

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    Default re: What are drawbacks of using React JS?

    1.The library itself is too large
    2.The learning curve can be steep.

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    Still i think that React Native has great potential as helping tool. Not so much as a full blown coding language, more as a ‘’cherry on the top’’ helper. React Native compiles very nicely into true app.

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    1. High pace of development
    2. Poor documentation
    3. ‘HTML in my JavaScript!’ – JSX as a barrier
    4. Additional SEO hassle
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    Drawbacks of ReactJS:

    - Learning curve. Being not full-featured framework it is requered in-depth knowledge for integration user interface free library into MVC framework.
    - View-orientedness is one of the cons of ReactJS. It should be found 'Model' and 'Controller' to resolve 'View' problem.
    - Not using isomorphic approach to exploit application leads to search engines indexing problems.
    - Lots of developers dislike JSX React’s documentation, manuals are difficult for newcomers’ understanding.
    - React’s large size library.
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    The high pace of development.
    Poor Documentation.
    View Part.
    JSX is a barrier.

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