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Thread: Shared hosting or a VPS for a new forum?

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    I think you can always get started on shared hosting and then move to the VPS once you decide that is right time for that.
    I would recommend you qhoster.com and libertyvps.net as the providers which will be able to provide you with that service you really need.

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    I have seen a kind of keyword in your request and I think that is the most important one. I would find the company like 1and1.com, libertyvps.net or qhoster.com which provide as shared as VPS services and get started with shared hosting.
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    If it is a brand new forum then starting with shared hosting would be enough. But if you feel like you're starting to get higher traffic it is advisable to quickly switch to a VPS plan because in a shared server your traffic affects other users too and you will suddenly be forced to upgrade to a higher plan.

    Hope this helped.

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    Default Regarding your Query

    Since you want to host a Forum website, I suggest you go with VPS hosting plan instead of Shared hosting plan. In shared hosting, you will get limited resources, and you won't get administrative access. I believe that on the forum website, there is a good visitor traffic. So if you go with a Shared hosting plan and if the forum website receives massive visitor traffic then your site may be slow or crash or stopped due to the high server resources usage.

    In VPS hosting you will get dedicated server resources such as RAM, vCPU, and disk space. You can store maximum data in the database as compared to Shared hosting. In future, if you want more resources such as RAM, vCPU and disk space, you can easily upgrade your VPS Plan to a higher plan with minimum downtime such as 5 - 10 minutes without any data loss.

    We offer VPS hosting service on Windows https://www.accuwebhosting.com/vps-hosting/windows and Linux Platform https://www.accuwebhosting.com/vps-hosting/linux. We have divided the VPS hosting service into two sections: 1 Classic VPS hosting and 2) SSD VPS hosting. In Classic VPS hosting we offer SAN storage which is slower than SSD Drive. You will get low read-write speed in the classic VPS Plan. In SSD VPS hosting, we offer SSD Drive which is faster than SAN drive. Also, SSD VPS Plans are included in the Fully Managed Service. We will monitor the server resources such as RAM, vCPU and disk space of your VPS and update you if we receive any alert in our monitor system.
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