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    Hello web hostiz ,

    Has anyone knows, How Green Web Hosting Works ??

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    You know, the world has realized the importance of saving resources and reducing their energy consumption. We can see people as well as industries doing their best to save energy on their own levels.

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    Green web hosting, as the name implied, is the web hosting solution powered by environmental friendly resources such as renewable energy. Renewable energy is generated through natural resources.
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    As I know Green web hosting refers to the web hosts that actively try to carry out eco-friendly initiatives to mitigate impact on the environment.The primary means that web hosts give back to the environment is through renewable energy or carbon offsets.

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    Green web hosting means engaging in the web hosting business by being mindful of its various environmental impacts and by initiating eco-friendly technologies and projects to make a positive impact to the environment.

    Focusing on carbon emission by data centers is the main eco-friendly objective of green web hosting. Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs is on way to do this. They give you property rights to utilize renewable energy sources and a REC is issued to you when one MWh of electricity is generated from a renewable source.

    Reducing your energy consumption is clearly a great way to go green. From using solar panels to reducing the use of paper a range of simple practices can help.

    If you do go green, you can plant a tree for every package that is bought from your business.

    Hope this helped.

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