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Thread: wanna buy good reseller hosting account (Linux)

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    Default wanna buy good reseller hosting account (Linux)

    I require:
    100 gbs of HD, 2 TB of bandwidth, Linux + 24/7 customer support.
    What can you say about these TWO web hosts: and and the quality of their hosting services?
    What are your views on their pricing? What host is better? why?

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    Personally I like service. The cpu load from other users is pretty low, and even if the disks look full on cpanel they seem plenty responsive.
    Their goal seems to be to satisfy customers, not to make it difficult to switch hosting.

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    It seems to me that and their linux reseller web hosting packages will be worth trying.
    What is so important is you always experience you are not alone dealing with customer or tech support.
    “What makes you comfortable can ruin you, but what makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow.” – Bill Eckstrom.

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    Default service is excellent and I pay for the plan I use about $100 per year.
    I've had questions that were answered and fixed within minutes, and complex problems worked on by the hosting admins personally resolved in only a couple days.

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    Default and reseller plans are full-featured and worth trying.
    The quality of service is worth the money you spent.
    Their service is truly above and beyond your expectations.

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    No doubt, is great web host. The cpanel provided is useful and easy to use. Their hosting is fast and reliable. An excellent hosting company all-around!
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