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Thread: What is Crawl Depth?

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    Crawl depth is the extent to which a search engine indexes pages within a website.
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    - Crawl depth or "Page depth" is the number of clicks you need to reach a specific page from the homepage using the least amount of clicks. A page linked directly to the homepage is at depth 2 (the homepage itself is always 1!).
    - If a page need 3+ clicks to be reached, it won't perform as well because search engines will have issues to crawl it compared to a page available in one click.

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    Page crawl depth means how much far a specific page is from the home page, for example if you need to click only once to reach at the page from home page, then the crawl depth is one and if due to the url structure and website structure you need to click twice to reach at a page from home page then it's crawl depth is 2. Pages are considered less important as much in depth they go.

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