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Thread: How to measure computer's internal temperature?

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    Default How to measure computer's internal temperature?

    Hello folks,

    Isn't there a program called CoreTemp?

    But is there a way to do it with what's built in to Windows?

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    I do not think there is a work around for this internally as you will eventually need to install a software that can let you know the PC temperature.

    After doing a lot of digging I found out that there is this free applet which goes by the name CoreTemp that should help you get an idea as to where things are going wrong. Make sure to install it from a reputed site as there is always a chance you might end up installing add-ons that are not required.

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    SpeedFan is software that can read temperatures, voltages and fan speeds of computer components. It can change computer fan speeds depending on the temperature of various components. The program can display system variables as a chart and as an indicator in the system tray. Fully configurable user events can be defined to execute specific actions based on system status. As of version 4.37, temperatures in the event section must be specified in C no matter if the display setting is for F.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORLOVA View Post
    Hello folks,

    Isn't there a program called CoreTemp?

    But is there a way to do it with what's built in to Windows?

    1. Reboot your computer. Your BIOS is the menu that lets you adjust your computer's basic settings.
    2. Press the BIOS key. The key varies depending on your hardware manufacturer.
    3. Find the Hardware Monitor. Different BIOS programs will have different section labels.
    4. Check your CPU temperature.

    Hope this information helps

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    You can measure with the digital thermometer internal temperature of the computer

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    There is so many kind of softwares's available that you can use for it. But there is no way that you can put something and recognize the real temperature. So, use it on a cool place or at a airy place.

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    The easiest way to check your CPU temperature is to download Core Temp. Once Core Temp is open, you can view your average CPU temperature by looking at the bottom right hand side of the window. Youll be able to see the min and max values in Celsius.
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