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Thread: Reliable joomla hosting in US?

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    Default Reliable joomla hosting in US?

    I need Joomla web hosting with 20 gbs of disk space. Pay via Bitcoin or Paypal
    + 24/7 helpful technical customer support required.

    What can you tell me about web host - their reliability? Are they trustworthy?
    Your choice? which is better? Why?

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    Don,t have any sufficient knowledge about USA web hosting service provider, better you can search the same in Google.

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    15% recurring coupon code "INDIALAUNCH" for all the cPanel shared hosting and WHM reseller hosting plans.

    My two sites have been on one of servers for over a year now. Personally I couldn't ask for much more out of a host.
    The server has been stable, with just a few short downtimes caused by attacks or malfunctioning scripts (nothing that they could prevent).
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    I believe should have considered as perfect alternative for getting Joomla hosting deals at good rates.
    Your site will get loaded lightning fast and applications run far better as compared to any other hosting environment.

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    Excellent support, free domain for life, and reasonable pricing... what else can a customer ask for?
    I've stayed with for 5 months and look forward to more years with them. Recommended.
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    Those companies are located in the USA and can accept PayPal:
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    Worst experince with don't choose for your business website, they never provide any kind of help.

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