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Thread: Cheap VPS which is Wordepress-friendly

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    Default Cheap VPS which is Wordepress-friendly

    Comparing VPS deals from and are attractive for me and need to know which company is better to sign up with to host a Wordpress blog?

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    I am pleased to have found web hosting provider. Easy to understand website. Great prices!
    Personally I like this web host and can highly recommend to other webmasters who want to run blogs, forums, e-commerce web sites fast and efficiently.

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    I think is a good deal! I have to say, I am very happy with them, and will be renewing my account with them.
    I have a couple of sites hosted there that I had as an image hosting for 9 months.
    I am also very surprised by the support.
    “What makes you comfortable can ruin you, but what makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow.” – Bill Eckstrom.

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    I like - great pricing... they also passed on the savings to me due to nice discounts.
    They have perfect network uptime - 99.9%, this is really true as my web site is always up and accessible for my visitors.

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    Default is a good web host. Site took a couple of days to get working, but the people were lovely.
    The live help webchat was a godsend and the site itself has been very cheap and easy to use. Lots of features, and I can afford to pay a year at a go.

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