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Thread: Why Bing delay for website index?

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    Default Why Bing delay for website index?

    Can anybody tell me how many days it will take bing to index my new website??

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    Maybe the following reasons are responsible to delay for website index

    Bing supports the directives of the Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) as listed in a site’s robots.txt file, which is stored at the root folder of a website. The robots.txt file is the only valid place to set a crawl-delay directive for MSNBot.

    The robots.txt file can be configured to employ directives set for specific bots and/or a generic directive for all REP-compliant bots. Bing recommends that any crawl-delay directive be made in the generic directive section for all bots to minimize the chance of code mistakes that can affect how a site is indexed by a particular search engine.
    Note that any crawl-delay directives set, like any REP directive, are applicable only on the web server instance hosting the robots.txt file.

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