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Thread: Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

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    Default Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

    What is Website Design Mistakes to Avoid ?

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    Introduce a strong call to action that drives users down a path.
    Install Google Analytics today, and start tracking tomorrow.
    Post regular content focused on long-tail keywords, and share it on social media.
    Put a visible phone number in the header, and on the contact page.
    Get your site a mobile-friendly experience immediately!

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    You have to use only responsive themes, templates for your website designing.

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    1. A Lack of Clear Call to Action
    Missing call to action is probably one of the biggest small business website mistakes we see across the board.
    What is a call to action?
    A call to action (or, CTA) will get visitors focused on what their next step is. It is a prompt that is written with a persuasive command attached to a link or button.
    2. No Analytics to Measure Performance
    One of the biggest web design mistakes to avoid is not looking at important data behind a website’s use.
    3. Weak Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    4. Hard to Find Contact Info

    5. No Mobile Site Experience

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