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Thread: Steps to Building an E-Commerce Website

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    Default Steps to Building an E-Commerce Website

    Can you tell me Steps to Building an E-Commerce Website??

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    Creating a unique online store can be presented in the form of a scheme that includes the following steps:
    1. The choice of ideas. It should be interesting, as original as possible and in demand.
    2. Creation of inventory: search for suppliers with the most favorable conditions, the calculation of the likely selling price, level of profitability, profit, position determination relative to competitors.
    3. Registration of individual entrepreneur or company of another legal form. The choice of a taxation system.
    4. Choosing a domain engine for the site, the development of the original design or purchase of the finished product. A domain is the address of the online store. Well, if it is short and memorable. The name may reflect the category of goods or services sold.
    5. Creation and placement of content. Texts on the site must be unique, photos - original. You can prepare the content yourself or use the services of professional copywriters and photographers. A good way to attract attention is to organize a free blog or a section with useful tips on the products offered, posting news, describing features of the application, etc.
    6. Development of payment schemes. In order to work with clients across the country, you need to connect the ability to receive money from bank cards and electronic payment systems. The most effective way is to connect a payment aggregator. This is a service that will allow you to work with several forms of payment at once and which provides the user with the opportunity to pay for services only in a way that is convenient for himself. To connect you will need to enter into one agreement.
    7. Elaboration of the delivery mechanism. Optimally is to offer customers options to choose from. Payment may be fixed or depend on the weight/cost of the purchase. You can set the amount of the order at which the delivery will be free - it will push the buyer to a larger volume of purchases.
    8. Attracting customers. There are many ways: contextual advertising, SEO-optimization, e-mailing, promotion through reviews and recommendations in social networks.

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    Do you have any specifics? Like do you want to use a CMS or Custom Ecommerce? Your question has many answers.

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    7 Steps to Building an eCommerce Website

    Choose a domain for your eCommerce website.
    Choose the Right Platform.
    Design Your Store.
    Set Up Payments.
    Add Products.
    Test the Checkout.
    Look After SEO and Analytics.
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    An E-commerce website can designed easily using a CMS OR framework.

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