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Thread: Difference between Cookies and Session

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    Default Difference between Cookies and Session

    Difference between Cookies and Session:

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    The main difference between a session and a cookie is that session data is stored on the server, whereas cookies store data in the visitor's browser. Sessions are more secure than cookies as it is stored in server.Cookie can be turn off from browser.
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    Cookies and Sessions are used to store information. Cookies are only stored on the client-side machine, while sessions get stored on the client as well as a server.
    A session creates a file in a temporary directory on the server where registered session variables and their values are stored. This data will be available to all pages on the site during that visit.
    A session ends when the user closes the browser or after leaving the site, the server will terminate the session after a predetermined period of time, commonly 30 minutes duration.
    Cookies are text files stored on the client computer and they are kept of use tracking purpose. Server script sends a set of cookies to the browser. For example name, age, or identification number etc. The browser stores this information on a local machine for future use.
    When next time browser sends any request to web server then it sends those cookies information to the server and server uses that information to identify the user.

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    Session & Cookies both are used to store the information for short time in a temporary file.

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